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Department of Deliverance

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MOTTO: "But upon mount Zion, there shall be deliverance..... " Obadiah 1:17

•  To train vibrant and aggressive end-time soldiers who will demolish the    stronghold of Satan.
•  To produce valiant men and women who through the power of God will set those held in captive free.
•  To rain deliverance ministers hat God will use mightily to expose the works of darkness and demolish the kingdom of darkness.
•  To train fearless men and women of God that will confront the Pharaoh in charge of destinies.
•  To produce soldiers of the living God that the Almighty will use to uproot evil trees from the life of others.
•  To train spiritual soldiers that will possess the power to root out, to pull down, to destroy and to throw down the stronghold of the enemy.
•  To produce men and women who will become flames of fire and too hot for the devil to handle.


The School of Deliverance is held at MFM Woolwich.


Books by the GO

70 Days Prayer Book

70 Days Prayer Book

Watch Us on SKY

Watch us on SKY

Prayer Request

For prayer request please email:  PRAY4ME @ MOUNTAINOFFIRE.ORG.UK


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