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New Member Nehemiah Group

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Date Released: 10 July 2019

Date Closed: 21st August 2019

Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries (UK) seeks additional members for its Nehemiah Group.

The Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM) in the United Kingdom currently has almost 100 establishments across the UK, comprising mainly of Branches and Prayer Centres. MFM UK has experienced explosive growth since it was registered as a Charity in the UK some 16 years ago. To adequately handle this growth and prepare for its continuation, various changes have had to be made.

The MFM UK Nehemiah Group was inaugurated on 26th January 2018 alongside the MFM UK Management Committee as a support to various departments headed by individuals on the Management Committee. The Management Committee currently consists of 15 positions. Members of the Management Committee have distinct but collaborative roles and duties. The Nehemiah Group consists currently, of 6 persons. In view of changes going on in the Ministry/Charity, with new systems to be put in place, particularly to address matters raised as part of the ongoing Statutory Inquiry into the Charity. The Charity & Ministry now needs to expand the numbers in this Group, in order to provide much needed support to the Management Committee to assist with the increased volume of work that has resulted. Whilst anyone in MFM anywhere in the UK is encouraged to apply, in this particular recruitment round, it is hoped that suitable persons from the Regions outside London in which MFM has a presence, will be identified. This is because there is as much work involved inside London as there is outside the London Regions.



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