MFM Prayer Points

MFM Prayer Points

Who is the Genesis of my Problems (2)

Song: Praise the Lord with the best songs you love most of the time to sing.

Bible Reading: Lamentation 5: 1-22, 1 King 12:1-14

Confession: Jonah 2:7 , Micah 7:8

Jonah 2:7 : when my soul fainted within me I remember the Lord: and my prayer came in unto thee, into thine holy temple.



  1. Bring quality repentance to God.
  2. Confess your sin to God and sin of your father’s house.
  3. Cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.
  4. O God, I thank you because, you will answer all my requests today.
  5. My father, arise and take over my battle.
  6. Every wicked power, that fought my parents, and is now fighting me – die.
  7. Foundational problems in my father’s house; be uprooted & die.
  8. Ritual power done against my life from the womb – die.
  9. Any power, handing me over to problem in my father’s house – die.
  10. Serpent’s powers, bitting my marriage, die – violently.
  11. Serpent’s power bitting my helpers- die.
  12. Candle’s powers, using to bury my glory catch fire.
  13. Arrow from the grave programmed to cause insanity in my life, back – fire.
  14. Goliath that killed my late fore fathers & mothers, I kill you before you kill me. 
  15. Idol power, assigned to naked my life – die.
  16. Incantation power, assigned to scatter my house – back fire.
  17. Any sacrifice, done to vandalize my life – die.
  18. Any herbalist, hired to destroy my life, die in your wickedness.
  19. My glory, buried in the waters, appears.
  20. Any herbalist, that’s using my cloth to cause problem – die.
  21. Any scarify, done to damage my life, catch fire.
  22. Any herbalists, using my picture, calling my name in other to harm me die by fire.
  23. Any problem of No solution – die.
  24. Anyone that knows the history of my problems shall witness my testimony.
  25. O God of Glory, trouble my trouble in Jesus name.
  26. Thank God for answering your prayers.

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